Vera Wenkert: dramatic soprano, voice teacher,  coach

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Get more information on the website:

The dramatic soprano Vera Wenkert is excellently qualified to teach and coach vocalists in her institute. She herself sang more than 30 principal roles on opera stages and performed on concert pianos. She is at home in the Italian dramatic roles (Verdi, Puccini, Giordano, etc.) as well as in the German dramatic subject. Her heart beats for the repertoire of R. Wagner. Vera Wenkert has brought to life on the opera stages many of his women's figures like Sieglinde, Elsa, Elisabeth, Senta, Venus, Brünnhilde and not least the Isolde in a concert in New York. Her goal is to sing the Isolde in a scenic performance in the future.

Highlights of her solo solitaire career are the Marie in Franz Grundheber's first Wozzeck production, Ariadne at the antiques festival Trier, Hedwig in the premiere "Die Rheinnixen", for which she was nominated in the magazine "Best Singers of the Year" in the magazine "Opernwelt" Venus / Elisabeth in Tannhäuser and many more.

Vera Wenkert has studied for more than 20 years and has been teaching singers and actors for 15 years. She gives master classes in Austria, Ireland, Germany, Scotland and Switzerland.

Vera Wenkert has learned from important singers and teachers and has expanded her knowledge. Here are just some of the teachers: KS. Birgit Nilsson, KS Berit Lindholm, Kari Lövass, Gloria Davy, Luana de Vol, Friedrich Gürtler and David Jones.

From 2001 to 2011, she has been a member of the jury to moderate the final exams of the vocal students at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg. In 2014, I was engaged as language coach for The Magic Flute at the Festival Les Nuits de Cheronne in France.

“Vera Wenkert is a fine dramatic soprano with a great ear for teaching. She is very precise in hearing vocal problems and in offering solutions that get complete results. I strongly recommend Vera Wenkert as a teacher for any singer looking for vocal help and wanting an accurate diagnosis.

Her performance experience also compliments her teaching ability in that she knows languages and stage deportment.”

— David L. Jones, International Vocal Pedagogue, New York