Coaching for singers

You can profit in many ways:

  • You go into an audition safely and authentically .

  • You know your role and have made it to your own.

  • You know your specials as a singer and performer.

  • You touch listeners with authenticity and joy.

  • We develop your appropriate career path.

Your Benefits:

Coaching by Vera Wenkert

Supporting you:

You are supported by me:

  • in preparing a role:

    • technically,

    • musically in cooperation with a highly regarded and experienced team of pianists and

    • as an actor

  • stress management, coping with stage fright and

  • handling difficult occupational situations or career decisions .

You can make use of:

You can scoop out

  • my experience from over 15 years of career as a dramatic soprano who has sung over 30 major roles on opera stages;

  • my sophisticated knowledge of Swedish-Italian vocal techniques,

  • my passion for music and

  • my love of performing art.

You want to terminate a date, please, contact me via email.


The prices are based on the recommendations of the Swiss PEDAGOGICAL Association SMPV: see price list