Coaching for singers

You can profit in many ways:

  • You go into an audition safely and authentically .

  • You know your role and have made it to your own.

  • You know your specials as a singer and performer.

  • You touch listeners with authenticity and joy.

  • We develop your appropriate career path.

Your Benefits:

Coaching by Vera Wenkert

Supporting you:

You are supported by me:

  • in preparing a role:

    • technically,

    • musically in cooperation with a highly regarded and experienced team of pianists and

    • as an actor

  • stress management, coping with stage fright and

  • handling difficult occupational situations or career decisions .

You can make use of:

You can scoop out

  • my experience from over 15 years of career as a dramatic soprano who has sung over 30 major roles on opera stages;

  • my sophisticated knowledge of Swedish-Italian vocal techniques,

  • my passion for music and

  • my love of performing art.

You want to terminate a date, please, contact me via email.


  • Voice training for professional speakers

  • Help with voice disorders

  • Working on a creating a warm and pleasant speaking voice

I will help you achieve a warm clear toned speaking voice. The goal is that you can reach the listener with your voice and as a whole person. We develop and strengthen the voice through specific exercises so that it becomes resilient and remains so no matter how much you have to use it.


The prices are based on the recommendations of the Swiss PEDAGOGICAL Association SMPV: see price list