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In 2012, I founded the International Institute StimmKunst in Zurich as a centre of excellency for vocal students and professional singers. Individual lessons, masterclasses, seminars and lectures as well as help for vocal problems are offered. My students are engaged at various opera houses, among others at the Opernhaus Zürich, Theater Basel, Grand Théâtre de Genève, Opéra de Marseille, Residenz Theater Berlin, Staatstheater Mannheim and the Staatstheater Mainz.


I have been singing and performing more than 30 big dramatic opera roles on stages and I love to teach every skill in detail to my students.

Vera Wenkert

So many singers have asked me how to learn this or to cope with that problem. In many many lessons I have learned myself how to develop to a great artist. 

And also you can learn this. The core principles I have summarized in my e-book that you can get here:

   Join the Vera Wenkert Method StimmKunst!

Join the Vera Wenkert Method StimmKunst!

Get the E-BOOK "METHOD sTIMMkUNST©" that helps you find your way to be a great artist with precise advices how to overcome challenges that every singer has to master:

  • How to foster your voice in a healthy way

  • How to prepare the next performance

  • How to work efficiently your music

  • How to act breathtakingly on stage

  • And much more!

Order here:


“This is an excellent overview of the Swedish Italian and Italian concepts and Vera's own wonderful development as an artist teacher.

Vera Wenkert is a fine dramatic soprano with a great ear for teaching. She is very precise in hearing vocal problems and in offering solutions that get complete results. I strongly recommend Vera Wenkert as a teacher for any singer looking for vocal help and wanting an accurate diagnosis.

Her performance experience also compliments her teaching ability in that she knows languages and stage deportment.”

— David L. Jones, International Vocal Pedagogue, New York

Liliane Ecoffey.jpg

Liliane Ecoffey: Ein Buch voller weiser, hilfreicher Gedanken rund um das Singen und Sängerleben. Herzlichen Dank für alles, Vera. Ich freue mich bereits jetzt auf die nächste Gesangsstunde.


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Anna Maske (Hamburg/ Neuchâtel): Vera Wenkert is in my opinion one of today's most skilled, efficient and complete voice teachers. Her caring and consistent personality, her complex analytical skills, her functional exercises as well as her enormous experience as an opera singer makes working with her a very exiting, joyful, safe and constant process.