Vera Wenkert: In serious cases I work with a competent medical team. But often it is "only" a lump in the throat..."

Everyone has experienced that he* had a lump in his throat, that the throat felt constricted, that he almost bursted with joy and could finally take a deep breath. 

In everyday life we are in constant contact with people. This can be challenging when combined with the demands that come from having a career as a professional singer or speaker.

Easily we can find ourselves in difficult situations where we see a change in the voice. This can come from surgery (e.g. thyroid surgery), allergies, traumatic experiences and difficult life situations. Burn out and depression can also affect the voice significantly. We can further be affected by irregularities in the flow of words. These all can limit us in vocal performance and result in vocal fatigue and hoarseness. These are the signs that tell us something is wrong.

Vocal Health

I work with students using specific breathing exercises to target these problems finding their vocal strength and energy. I will help you to correct problems with the speaking voice and at the same time we will also be building up the singing voice.

The healthy use of the voice can be achieved through voice lessons and practice. A positive approach with vocal technique will give you the power to use your voice and result in the preservation of a nice-sounding and resilient tone.


Tensions and other body problems are often the result of a demanding job singing.

Tricia Lyle-Stirling from TheraSport Massage, the Sports and Vocal Massage Clinic in Dublin can help to fix them. 

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Vera Wenkert in the clinic with Dr. med. Buchmann

Vera Wenkert in the clinic with Dr. med. Buchmann