Vera Wenkert

Institute StimmKunst

In 2012, I founded the International Institute StimmKunst in Zurich as a centre of excellency for vocal students and professional singers. Individual lessons, master classes, seminars and lectures as well as help for vocal problems are offered. My students are engaged at various opera houses, among others at the Opernhaus Zürich, Theater Basel, Grand Théâtre de Genève, Opéra de Marseille, Residenz Theater Berlin, Staatstheater Mannheim and the Staatstheater Mainz.

Starting Point

Working with the voice is always connected to a person's own work on him- or herself and on his or her being.

Singers in particular are often subject to much pressure in their daily professional lives and this can take a toll on the voice. Too many performances and the pressure related to peformance, few rehearsals and little time, the get the role to "sing on the voice", can all have adverse reactions on the voice. In addition, there are also air-conditioned rooms, trains, airplanes etc. with which we have to deal.

Many years of personal experience as an opera singer, intense observing and studying the function of the voice, form the basis of my respectful work with people. From this, I have learnt that every voice is just as different as every individual. The functional exercises must therefore be individually tailored for a particular singer. Successful work on the voice incorporates a trustworthy atmosphere with a conscious responsability in order for the voice to bloom into its full potential. The Swedish-Italian School of Singing, the tradition that I teach, meets this demand.

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Vera Wenkert is a fine dramatic soprano with a great ear for teaching. She is very precise in hearing vocal problems and in offering solutions that get complete results. I strongly recommend Vera Wenkert as a teacher for any singer looking for vocal help and wanting an accurate diagnosis.

Her performance experience also compliments her teaching ability in that she knows languages and stage deportment.
— David L. Jones, International Vocal Pedagogue, New York