Institute Stimmkunst is based on the principles of all round vocal coaching. Lessons are goal-orientated with emphasis on vocal technique and musical interpretation. Students are also coached in acting and stage presence. In lessons, I always formulate a goal and how to achieve this in steps within a fixed time frame. This enables the student to become independent quickly. Not only are my students prepared with a solid vocal technique but also with stage craft and advice on their career paths. I am fluent in English and German and teach in both languages. Lessons are one to one in person. In urgent cases I teach via Skype or FaceTime.


Dramatic voices most especially need a solid and healthy singing technique and with that the ability to combine all the ingredients necessary to represent a dramatic character on stage. I will accompany you in the whole process of building this kind of solid technique that will give you a healthy, resilient and expressive singing voice. We will work together to achieve this and you will have the benefit of:

  • my own advanced singing technique

  • my stage experience as a dramatic soprano

  • my many years of teaching experience

  • my sensitivity and experience in dealing with singers in general

  • my expertise in dealing with young dramatic voices

  • my experience in vocal rehabilitation


The tradition of the Swedish-Italian School of singing has its origins in the 19th century with Manuel Garcia d. Jilli Bjorling, followed by Gillis Brad (Swedish voice teacher and singer doctor) then to Joseph Hislop, Ingebjart-Isene and Birgit Nilsson, Kirsten Flagstad, Jussi Björling and finally Alan Lindquest. His pupil, international voice teacher David L. Jones continues this method of teaching in New York. For many years now I have been his associate teacher.

Alan Lindquest formulated these following areas of development:

  1. Developing the right attitude.
  2. Working on the correct respiratory reflexes.
  3. Developing awareness of relaxation in the swallowing apparatus.
  4. The perception of open resonators.
  5. Developing ease in the use of the articulators
  6. My teaching method meets all these criteria and leads to a solid vocal technique.


5 Pillars of singing


Five pillars have been formulated for my classes. They all are dominated by the student’s strong desire to sing.

Most singers have great difficulty in having an accurate perception of what they actually sound like with their external ear. I train the singer to work with their physicality and monitor what is happening with their body and how to attune their perception and feelings with that. The training of the voice is not only the development of a physical instrument but also must be trained on the proper form and function. This goes hand in hand with the development of the personality of the singer.

The Institute StimmKunst provides constant support in the whole learning process. Our aim is for the singer to be independent from the teacher finding a solid technique and with that the joy of singing.



Inner peace, silence, patience and confidence will serve as the foundation.


  • Voice training for professional speakers

  • Help with voice disorders

  • Working on a creating a warm and pleasant speaking voice

I will help you achieve a warm clear toned speaking voice. The goal is that you can reach the listener with your voice and as a whole person. We develop and strengthen the voice through specific exercises so that it becomes resilient and remains so no matter how much you have to use it.