Anna Maske

Anna Maske (Hamburg/ Neuchâtel): Vera Wenkert is in my opinion one of today's most skilled, efficient and complete voice teachers. Her caring and consistent personality, her complex analytical skills, her functional exercises as well as her enormous experience as an opera singer makes working with her a very exiting, joyful, safe and constant process.

In her masterclasses Vera creates a truly positive, encouraging and growing environment. Always respectful she is capable of guiding the singer into finding his or her calm place from which to sing and create. A master of stagecraft, she provides her singers with a whole palette of tools for surviving and thriving on stage, having fun in learning and becoming the artist they desire to become.

I highly recommend working with Vera Wenkert as a voiceteacher as well as participating in her masterclasses.

Louise Martyn, Republic of Ireland: "Vera's Masterclasses (what I get out of them)
1. An opportunity to be challenged in a supportive environment. Vera has many gifts, one of which is to read the personality of the singer extremely well. During the masterclass, Vera challenges the student to the extent needed for their growth at that time.
2. Vera works meticulously with the vocal technique. She teaches technically, but in a practical, tangible way, with clear instruction.
3. During the masterclass Vera also gives the student the chance to focus on performance and leave the technique aside. She has incredible stagecraft knowledge and focuses on this in a very detailed way. She stages your arias in a helpful way, and uses the stagecraft to help with any technical issues the student can have."

I highly recommend working with Vera Wenkert as a voiceteacher as well as participating in her masterclasses.

“Vera Wenkert is a fine dramatic soprano with a great ear for teaching. She is very precise in hearing vocal problems and in offering solutions that get complete results. I strongly recommend Vera Wenkert as a teacher for any singer looking for vocal help and wanting an accurate diagnosis.

Her performance experience also compliments her teaching ability in that she knows languages and stage deportment.”

David L. Jones, International Vocal Pedagogue, New York

"Vera Wenkert is a wonderful teacher. The technique that she teaches is excellent and changed my voice immensely. I have taken part in several of her masterclasses which are fun, informative and every participant had a large noticeable improvement in just a few days. I highly recommend attending a masterclass if you can." (Ciara Gallagher, Monaco)

“Vera Wenkert is an outstanding peformer and vocal expert, with a high sense of pedagogy and respect to every student. Her stage performance workshops have given me the most effective tools to dive completely into a character, portray it on stage and still serve the vocal and musical demands of  every composer.

It has been an eye opening experience as to what a performer needs to be centered and giving in a healthy, balanced way.

I would highly recommend Vera Wenkert’s workshops to any singer who’s about to stard in a young student programme or to any experienced singers who still wants more frome their inner artist!” (Gabriella Cavasino, Neuchâtel)

"Studying with Vera Wenkert has completely changed my life. I turned up a confused lyric soprano, feeling this was not my voice type. Within the first lesson, Vera could hear exactly what my true voice type is. Now, 2 years later, I am a blossoming Dramatic Soprano. Everything feels the way it is meant to feel. Vera's teaching is incredibly detailed. She can hear if the root of the tongue is blocking the sound, or if the jaw is too tense, the breath not low enough. She has the ability to pick up on these problems so quickly, and deal with them in and efficient and patient way.
During her Masterclasses, I have seen her meet many international singers with many problems. She is so kind and open with them. I see them feel immediately relaxed, resulting in a quicker response from them to what she is asking them to do. She is so dedicated to singing, students always receive 100% from her. Her non-judgemental, professional and beautiful character, make lessons and Masterclasses an utter joy to be in. I would encourage singers to sign up for her Masterclasses. You will learn so much about the technique of singing in a comfortable, happy and professional environment." (Charlotte Emma Whittle, Scotland)