Based on the principles of coaching, the teaching at my institute is goal-oriented. I give vocal lessons and, if necessary, I prepare singers for auditions, for next steps in a career and offer coaching for stage craft. Together with my students, I set a target with subgoals as well as determining a fixed time frame. This enables the students to organize themselves independently as soon as possible.
All lessons are offered in English or German. They are held in person and also via Skype / Facetime in urgent situations.

Singing Lessons

From my experience, five pillars have "crystallised" in my teaching. They form a strong desire to sing. The Institute StimmKunst offers constant supervision. The overall goal is to become the competent, independent singer who has joy in singing. (Vera Wenkert)

For many years, I have been an Associated Teacher of the vocal coach David L. Jones, New York.

A singer cannot hear himself as he will be heard from his environment. Therefore, he will be taught not to listen to his sound but rather to physically acknowledge the sensation when singing.

The training of the voice is not only the development of a physical instrument that needs to be cultivated to have the correct structure and function but also goes hand in hand with the development of the singer's personality. Peace, silence, patience and trust form the foundation. Alan Lindquest expressed the following areas of development:

  • The perception of correct posture.

  • The perception of the correct breathing reflexes.

  • The perception of relaxation at the swallowing apparatus.

  • The perception of open resonators.

  • The perception of the correct movement of the articulation apparatus.

The Swedish-Italian School of Singing, the tradition that I teach, meets these demands. Have a look on references.

Coaching the speaking voice

With empathy and commitment, I will help you to achieve a vibrant and creative speaking voice. This includes working on your very own, true vocal tone. Our goal is that you can reach the audience with your voice and with your whole personality.

I can also provide training for professional public speakers, as well as help with any vocal problems. Together, we will work to achieve a pleasant and meaningful speaking voice, that is resilient, and remains so.


The prices are following the suggestions of the Association of Swiss Music teachers.

Price list